Family Law

Care of Children


We can provide advice on any disputes relating to the care of children, including arrangements for day-to-day care and issues of guardianship or adoption. Melanie is a Senior Lawyer for Child and Youth Advocate, and accepts appointments as a Lawyer to Assist the Court in various matters.

Relationship Property

Unliscensed<br />

We provide tailored advice and representation to protect your property interests whether you wish to enter a legally binding contracting out agreement at the start of a relationship (pre-nuptial), or need help to divide family property when a relationship ends. It is important that contracting out agreements are drafted carefully and precisely to ensure they are legally binding and cannot be later set aside by the courts. We will provide you with advice on what should be in these agreements, and how you can update them as your relationship and property interests evolve to ensure they remain legally enforceable.

Family Violence

Mum And Kids

If you have been the victim of domestic violence including physical, psychological, and emotional abuse, we can assist in applying for a Protection Order. On the other hand, if you have been served with Protection Order, we can assist in defending the proceedings if you believe the order to be unwarranted.

Oranga Tamariki

Oranga Tamariki

If your children are under the legal framework of Oranga Tamariki, or you are a caregiver wanting to obtain permanent care of children after Oranga Tamariki involvement, we can advocate for you and represent you in proceedings. We attend Family Group Conferences and assist you to apply for custody orders, guardianship orders, access orders, and support orders.